Participatory Project

Reclaiming the Airwaves
For the first semester of my fourth year I worked with a group of young people from Upstart, a newspaper supplement in Grahamstown's local newspaper Grocott's Mail written by the youth for the youth. My colleague Tom Sizeland and I select six young people from Upstart to work on a youth radio show for Rhodes Music Radio. Our challenge was to teach them how to create and produce a sustainable show that would go on even beyond our involvement.

The Upstart Radio team members
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I was also the executive producer of a second year journalism radio team that spent a semester working on a radio show that was  broadcast on Rhodes Music Radio. The team of six did some research into the kinds of topics that could be cover and I worked with them to come up with a show concept for our team. Our shows name was "Charity at Home".

The show concept

Our show wasabout charity versus community engagement. Charity which we understand as giving to the poor may be necessary to some extent but we will look at the degree to which it may cause dependency in Grahamstown. We contrasted it to the heart of community engagement that focuses on sustainability. We then looked at these two concepts in reference to Rhodes University student organisations’ initiatives within the larger community of Grahamstown.